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Senior Consultant: Antonio Delgado

A Long-Short Story

Naturally curious since his childhood, Antonio has always shown a fascination for encouraging and leading human groups towards desired goals. Although he had an inclination towards technical areas, graduating in Agricultural & Livestock Production, his artistic side was present even in high school; where he founded and led the photography club. He continued to expand his artistic talents in acting and theater management assistance for a few years. This rational-emotional combination led him to explore his curiosity for professional development of managers and direction of groups obtaining his postgraduate degree in Marketing (Brazil and Venezuela) and Management studies in Switzerland. In order to complete his orientation, he obtained an international certification in the USA as an International Coach in Business & Marketing.

In these last twenty years, he has flown over 6.5 million miles through Latin America and Europe, serving local, regional and global clients, leading working groups, developing and moderating workshops, and coaching and mentoring top executives in Riyadh, Beirut, Lisbon, Madrid, Buenos Aires, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Caracas, Lima, and Chicago; among other cities.

Throughout his career, Antonio served as group manager of dairy products (Indulac / Nestle), national sales manager, marketing director, commercial director (Ilapeca / New Zealand Dairy Products), CEO in Mexico and Venezuela, COO for LATAM and COO International at Foote Cone & Belding.

He is also a founding member and Senior Consultant in Americas Business Consulting. He currently serves as a consultant and coach for the Ibero-American network FCB & FiRe, Menendez-Ferrer & Associates, Mayo Advertising, and AJL-Park; among other companies in the LATAM region.

He continues to develop and moderate management workshops such as “Decision is Business”, “The Manager and his labyrinth”. “Surviving the Budget” among others.

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